What Makes Our Ties Different

100% of neckties on the market are designed for a man's body. 

The majority of these ties exist in limited widths and lengths, even the shortest of which flop below the knees of some LGBTQ folks and women.


Small Island is here to change that.


We offer ties in 3 lengths and 3 widths that are sure to fit every body. Made in the US from organic or sustainable textiles. 

Who We Are

Frustrated by their experience having to choose between “men’s” and “women’s,” sections, founder and owner Sara Stanton has spent years becoming an expert at the intersection of design, fashion, and queerness. A graphic designer and entrepreneur by trade, they have learned to sew and make patterns, done meticulous market research, tested various products, and perfected the art of the genderless tie.

Founded in 2019 by people without labels, for people without labels. Small Island’s mission is to create ties that change the way we think about gender, identity and binaries, in order to give queer people a platform to tell their own stories and see themselves reflected in the products they buy.

Wholesale Inquiries

Interested in carrying Small Island ties in your shop, or looking to order in bulk? Contact us here.


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